Part 3: Burn Accident Checklist

How to Protect Yourself if You are Injured:

Personal Injuries are an unfortunate, yet common occurrence in our daily lives. However you can actively take steps to better ensure a favorable outcome after your injury.

Part 3 of Personal Injury Checklist is dedicated to Burn Accidents. Accidental burns are actually a fairly common experience. Most people have touched a hot pan or a lit match and experienced the pain of burning skin.

Sometimes we burn ourselves, and unfortunately sometimes we are burned due to the fault of someone else. Crucial evidence that you could use to help yourself, due to the nature of the incident (like burning wood for example) disappears in a flash. Here are a few tips the attorneys at have compiled to ensure that you have maximized your potential for recovery through evidence preservation.


  • Take pictures of location where your accident occurred, as soon as possible, to capture the condition at the time that you were injured.
  • If possible, take photographs of the condition of your clothing and shoesimmediately following the accident.
  • Take photographs of any warning signs that might be in the area of the location of the accident.
  • If you sustained a visible injury, take photograph(s) of the injury to preserve the state of the injury at the time of the injury.
  • Feel free to take as many photographs of what you think may, no matter how trivial, be important to the accident. Your attorney will decide what is and what is not important.


  • Take the name, address and telephone number of any potential witnessand save this information someplace where it will not be lost.
  • Return to the accident scene, visit any nearby homes or business, if applicable, for any potential witness(es) to the accident.
  • Revisit the scene of the accident several times at the same time at which the accident took place. Some people may have a habit of stopping or driving by the location of the accident as part of their normal daily routine. You may able to find a witness.
  • Try to determine if a report on the incident has been prepared and request a copy.

If you have obtained witness information, do not contact or speak to the witness(es) again. Let your attorney contact any possible witness(es).

Once you have collected your evidence using the checklist, or if you feel that you have missed your opportunity to collect evidence, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at to maximize your chances of recovery. Be sure to return for the other checklists regarding other types of personal injury claims to ensure that you know how to properly handle any personal injury situation that might arise.

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